Date: 25 Aug 2015 12:36:43

(Organiser, 9.8.2015); Apropos of the editorial ‘Nurturing the Kalam Legacy’ in Organiser. The weekly has paid a rich tribute to the missile man. Right from the Editorial to articles by Shri Jayakumar, Shri S M Khan and the write-up in the Kid’s Org. page are worth reading . In fact I would suggest that the way Organiser took out a special issue on Dr Ambedkar , it should take out a special issue on the eve of Dr Kalam’s birthday which falls on October 15th.The effort would pave way to reach the unreached subscribers.
D KRISHNA VERMA, Secunderabad

CPI’s Plain Talk on Faulty Secularism

(Organiser, 2.8.2015);This refers to the article ‘CPI’s Plain Talk on Faulty Secularism’ by T Satisan in Organiser. It has been stated that Hindu community in Kerala was 56 per cent in 2001 census has reduced to 48 per cent according to 2011 census. This alarming decrease of the Hindu population is basically due to very fast increase of Muslims , from 17.5 per cent in 1951 to 32 per cent in 2011.Surely , Muslims would be in majority after another 20 or 25 years in Kerala. The only option left is, making Bharat constitutionally a non – Muslim and Hindu country, as done by Myanmar (Burma) against Rohingya Muslims.
ANAND PRAKASH, Panchkula: 134 109

India’s war on terror

(Organiser, 16.8.2015);This refers to the article ‘ India’s war on terror ’ by Brig. Anil Gupta ( Retd) in Organiser. The Pakistan sponsored militant attack in Gurdaspur (Punjab), soon after the mango politics of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the cordial Ufa talks which led to the issuing of a joint declaration on cooperation, reminds one of the episodes of China backstabbing Bharat in 1962, when the slogan of Hindi–Chini bhai-bhai was popular. It has been an Bharat’s political tradition, wherein leaders take pride in shaking hands with their Pakistan counterparts, while Bharat’s security forces lay down their lives to protect the borders from Pakistani attacks. It is senseless to have talks or goodwill gestures with Pakistani civilian rulers, as they are powerless before the military leadership.


Pakistan goes back on Promise

This refers to the Pakistan Government’s decision not to file a fresh petition in an anti-terrorist court to obtain the voice sample of Lashkar-e Toiba commander Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi in the Mumbai terror attack case. The decision comes only days after Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif met on the sidelines of a multilateral forum in Ufa and issued a joint statement that they will work towards bringing back justice in the 26/11 terror case. The statement specifically referred to the issue of voice samples. As expected , even before the ink has dried on the document , Pakistan has made a 180 degree turn on its Ufa commitments .It is time Bharat treats Pakistan the way it deserves to be treated: No special favours , no visas to Pakistani families wanting to meet their families in Bharat and no cricket matches. New Delhi needs to be tough and retaliate effectively when Pakistan does mischief along the borders.