Date: 20 Jul 2015 09:17:26

A stereotype thinking of ‘Male Dominating Society’ is an issue rooted in societal norms and economic dependence in India. Discriminatory practices are underlined by laws favouring men. Inadequate policing and judicial practices deny female victims proper protection and justice. Although female participation in public life is increasing and laws have been amended, the ratio of crime against women has increased. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) crime against women in 2013 has doubled since 2012 with 590 rape cases, 2,844 molestation cases and 793 eve-teasing registered. Where 2,906 kidnapping cases have been reported, cruelty against women in marital homes has gone up to 2,487 cases. And the Women Reservation Bill is pending from the last 14 years in the Parliament.

“The new government need to adopt a multi-pronged approach to tackle the issues related to women. About health, the entire society needs to be awakened that women’s health determines the health of the whole society. Primary and Secondary education should be ensured within distance of 5 km. Similarly, life skills be imparted with schooling, employment, equal wages for equal work, financial literacy like capital investments, current assets, stock and their value, interest, profit, overheads, etc.”—Dr Anjali Deshpande, Secretary, Drishti Stree Adhyaan Prabodhan Kendra, Pune


Commitments of BJP

Even today women lack equal rights compared to men

-33% reservation in the Parliamentary and State Assemblies through a constitutional amendment.

-Launch a national campaign for saving the girl child and educating her - Beti Bachao – Beti Padhao.

-Structure a comprehensive scheme, incorporating best practices from past successes like Balika

-Samruddhi, Ladli Laxmi and Chiranjeevi Yojana to support encourage positive attitude amongst families towards the girl child.

-Enabling women with training and skills - setting up dedicated Women ITIs.

-Are being raped, and feel insecure in spite being called empowered.

-Seek reservation for equal representation.

-Where male literacy rate is 82.14%, Female literacy rate is 65.46 % (Census 2011).

-It is estimated seven lakh girls are killed before birth every year.

-One dowry death per hour (Dowry death reported in 2012: 8,233).